The End in Mind

Hello all!

Here is an excerpt of my latest article that was featured on The End in Mind.

“When asked to write an article that focused on “the end in mind,” I decided to share about an area of my life that is both precious and terrifying to me: my writing. I was making up stories before I could write my own name. I didn’t understand character development, plot, or how to write decent dialogue, but I knew that stories were something special…”

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In other news:

Stay tuned for an article written by guest blogger Joben Lewis, author of Sketchbook of Scarlet!

Sketchbook of Scarlet is currently # 13 on Amazon’s Best Christian Fantasy list.

I’ll be writing a review of the book soon, and am thrilled to have Joben share his journey as a Christian fantasy author.

Exciting things are in the works.