Time to Refocus

Hello all!

I’m back. I’m sorry that I haven’t been around these past few months. I wanted to post, but could not find the words. I’ve recently had some changes in my life, but things seem to be ironing out a bit now.

I’ve decided to widen the horizon of this blog. Yes I will continue to review books as I can, but I’d like to post more often so I am going to begin posting about a broader range of topics. These new posts will include but are not limited to:

My own experiences as a fantasy writer


Posts from guest bloggers

The occasional personal essay

Some Q & A

Interviews with authors

and more!

To get things kicked off,

I am excited to announce that I am working on a new fantasy trilogy. I’ve begun the drafting process of book one, and will continue to update as I move forward.

Please leave me a comment and let me know what types of posts you’d be interested to see on this site, aside from book reviews.

Happy Thanksgiving!




I found this contest the other day and decided to enter!
Here is my submission:

The remains of her mother’s memorial service littered the apartment. It had been hours since the last guest left; but time seemed trapped in a cyclone of well wishes. There were homemade vegan hors d’oeuvres that were brought with smiles of pity, hugs from strangers she didn’t want, and the strong smell of her grandmother’s Coco Chanel perfume that choked the air out of the room. Marin still sat where she’d been placed by her grandmother earlier that day, and she could feel the fibers of the small green armchair making a pattern in the back of her thighs. She kept still because moving made it all seem more real. Kat and Leia had been there, they’d wanted to take her out. There was no reason to get out because it wouldn’t help anything.
“It’s been two weeks,” Leia said.
“You’ve got to get out of this place,” Kat said.
“I’ve gone out,” Marin said.
“Studio doesn’t count,” Leia said.
“Not today. I can’t today.” Marin had seen them to the door with a fake smile and an empty promise that she’d be better.